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Robert T. Sven D.D.S., LTD.

Continuum Er: This cutting edge laser technology can be used for fillings as well as soft tissue surgeries. A precise beam of pulsed laser light and water allows the dentist to gently and selectively remove tooth decay while minimizing the removal of good tooth structure. Many dental procedures can be safely performed without the use of anesthetic for numbing. 

Argon Laser: Using photo reactive bonding and filling, composite allows the Antioch Dental Center to perform mercury free dental fillings. The argon laser ensures a thorough cure of the filling. Allowing the fillings to last longer than fillings cured by other light devices that may not fully harden the composite.

Aurora Diode Laser: This unit is used by both Doctors and Hygienists. The diode laser is used by the Hygiene staff for the treatment of gingivitis and periodontal disease. The laser decontaminates the pockets in between the gum tissue and bone allowing your body's natural healing process to restore the gum's health. It's a minimally invasive procedure that is pain free and can be performed with a routine cleaning. The diode laser is used by the dentist to reduce post operational discomfort from crown and bridge procedures as well as having many other soft tissue applications. 

Diagnodent Laser: This aids us in the detection of caries. Even very small cavities are detected at the earliest stage, enabling us to protect and preserve your tooth structure.

Air Abrasion: This is a drill-less technique that is used to remove tooth decay and for other procedures without the need for anesthetic. It is used to prepare a tooth for bonding or sealants and also remove superficial stains.

Oral Cancer Screening: Velscope is an oral scope that using a precise wavelength of light that excites cells down to the base layers. This technology allows our dental professionals to see what is unseen by the naked eye. The goal is early detection.

One Visit Crowns With Cerec 3: With this in-house technology you can get your tooth restored in just one visit. Think about it: no more temporary fillings, no temporary crowns, no messy impressions, no more waiting days and weeks for your crown to be built, and of course no metal fillings or metal bands on crowns, since they are created from ceramic perfectly matched to your natural teeth! 

Isolation System airBUG: The airBUG helps dental patients keep their mouth open with increased comfort and less strain during procedures. It provides suction through the soft, latex free tongue shield to quickly remove fluids and debris. This comfortable tongue shield also ensures tongue and cheek retraction to protect these soft tissues from injury. As a result of these capabilities, the airBUG ultimately provides isolation of a dry working field during procedures.

Digital X-rays: Schick CDR: This technology uses 90% less radiation. It improves and simplifies the way we care for our patients teeth, resulting in a better dental evaluation and treatment plans. The instant and clear computer images allow us to immediately discuss the findings with patients.